Your 360 degree feedback - Quick Start Guide


Advice for respondents (i.e. you have been asked to give feedback to someone).

If you have been asked to give feedback on someone you will receive an email which allows you to access a feedback questionnaire. This email contains a coded link which is specific to you so that only you can access it. You should keep this email until you are sure that you have fully completed the questionnaire including any free text questions. You must answer every question - but you do have the option to answer 'Don't Know' if you feel unable to answer any given question. You must answer the free text questions for your questionnaire to be deemed complete. Once completed the questionnaire will be locked and you will not be able to access it again without calling the help desk.

Remember: the purpose of a 360 feedback is to help the candidate to develop so it is in everyone's interests to be helpful but honest. Your feedback is compiled into a report along with a number of other people your individual response will not be identifiable as yours.

Advice for candidates (i.e. you are compiling a 360 degree feedback report on yourself).

1. Initialising your account

You will probably start your 360 degree feedback by receiving an email from the person managing your 360. You may even be reading this page because you clicked the <Quickstart> link in your invitation email.

Your first task is to create a username and password. Follow the <Control Panel Link> in your email and you will reach a page where you can create a username and password for yourself. Remember these because you will need them to access the system in the future. Click the <Save> button to store them and then log into the system.

2. Completing your questionnaire

Having logged in, your control panel will contain a message telling you to click a link to start the process. Click the <start> link and you will see a list of the competencies that your questionnaire covers. Some questionnaires contain some optional competencies which you can select at this stage. In others all the competencies are mandatory. Either way: click the <submit> button at the bottom of the screen and once your questionnaire has been built you will be taken to your control panel

Now follow the link to <fill in> your self perception questionnaire. You don't have to fill in all questions at one sitting, but you must complete them all before your report can be generated. This includes any free text questions. You do, however, have the option to answer 'Don't Know' to any question you feel unable to answer.

3. Choosing your respondents

You now need to choose a number of people to invite to give feedback. We recommend that 6-8 is about right but you may have been given separate guidance about how many and who they should be. The most important factor that you choose people a) who really have had the opportunity to observe you sufficiently to have a realistic idea of how you behave and b) who you trust to give honest helpful feedback.