360° Feedback for Sales Professionals

Sales Forensics 360 is an easy to use, 360° multi-source feedback system for sales professionals. By providing a deeper understanding of strengths and growth areas for personal development, Sales Forensics 360 provides the unique insights needed to create crucial development goals, measure progress and enable your sales teams to take charge of their own development.

Designed for sales professionals, our questionnaires provide relevant, comprehensive feedback to enhance self-awareness and facilitate personal and professional growth. With a laser focus on sales leadership and development, Sales Forensics 360 offers organisational appraisal, whilst improving individual performance and teamwork to build a lasting advantage.

Benefits of using Sales Forensics 360

  • We work with individuals, teams and large organisations to ensure your 360 process
  • Provides competencies tailored to specific sales roles
  • Engages participants and respondents
  • Translates into detailed and meaningful feedback reports
  • Underpins robust personal development plans
  • Identifies potential training needs and areas for personal growth
  • Supports development and performance improvement

Benefits to your company

  • Identify strengths and develop strategies to make positive improvements within your company
  • Identify challenges and develop strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Target the behaviours you need to develop within your company and those you need to stop
  • Set specific, measurable and realistic goals Support change throughout the company
  • Ensure alignment, evaluate progress and enable continuous improvement
  • Develop a culture of improvement, progression and ongoing learning
  • Increase retention
  • Create a more engaging work environment

Fast and easy to use

Our web-based , cost-effective and easy to administer system offers flexibility with rapid access to completed reports. It provides a scalable solution for any company who wishes to develop star sales performers

Flexibility when you need it

Using our research and extensive experience of sales leaders and what makes high performing sales teams, our competency frameworks are designed to reflect the behaviours needed in a high performing sales environment.

Alternatively, you may wish to customise Sales Forensics 360 to the competencies of your own company or organisation.

Development Options

  • Sales Forensics 360 provides bespoke packages which include:
  • Pre 360 workshops for your staff. These are designed to enhance understanding, dispel concerns, explain the 360 process and highlight the value of constructive feedback
  • Facilitating face to face feedback
  • Action planning
  • Ongoing opportunities for development Support in developing a coaching approach to Personal Development Plans (PDPs)

Sales Forensics 360 is the behavioural Division of Incisive Edge (Solutions) Limited